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Shocking Personal Loan Statistics 2017-2018

Personal Loan Statistics 2017-2018

As the pockets of wealthy Americans continue to inflate, working-class citizens’ hard-earned stores of money consistently trend downhill, further and further widening the gap of income inequality. As such, many United States citizens find themselves in desperate need of money, unable to meet monthly bills and other obligations. The United States of America is filled with personal loans statistics, most commonly in the form of title, flex, and payday loans. Many disadvantaged people get caught in the seemingly never-ending cycle of personal loans, forced to pay large portions of their paychecks towards outstanding balances week after week, firmly solidifying low income perpetuity.

Let’s look into four personal loans statistics that you might find surprising, interesting, or eye-opening – hopefully you feel all three.

Experian held a web-based seminar earlier this year, in early January, 2017. One of the three leading credit agencies in the United States, Experian’s analytical expert Kelley Motley delivered some shocking statistics. Lo and behold, this statistic deals with the poverty cycle, perpetuated by personal loans. Research indicated that about 5% of those who had recently paid off an existing personal loan in the past few months had actually opened new personal loans. Similarly, of those 5% who can’t seem to get away from the financial dangers personal loans carry alongside them, over two-thirds opened personal loans at the same company in which they recently settled an old, outstanding balance.

In theory, personal loans are intended for emergencies only, as their high interest rates result in exorbitant financing charges. However, these statistics indicate that the “personal loan cycle” is real, as these loans cause emergencies from their interest, causing people to take out additional personal loans to cover debt from the first loan.

The National Center for Education Statistics accurately estimated that 20,500,000 students would attend United States postsecondary institutions. More high school graduates in American schools are immediately enrolling in college following secondary school graduation.

Recognizing the potential benefits of attending a postsecondary university for a bachelor’s degree isn’t difficult, although it seems many college graduates hadn’t thought out their academic plans prior to enrolling four years prior. All in all, 44,000,000 Americans have student loan debt, totaling to $1,400,000,000,000. When averaged out per student, math shows that recent graduates of May 2016 owed about $37,000, which unsurprisingly raised 6% compared to last year. Students are likely to keep attending college in such large groups, somehow.

While we’ve firmly established the widespread, deeply-rooted prevalence of student and personal loans, financing agreements on new and lightly-used vehicles are rapidly becoming acceptable in our debt-filled society. In total, the United States of America is chock-full of auto loan debt, calculated at $1,160,000,000,000. Out of 1,062,100 car loans in this country, it averages out at $30,032. Seeing as all three of these figures continue to rise – and already have over the past five years, raising from a total of $750 billion to $1,160 billion – Americans are likely to increasingly make the bad decisions that are financing vehicles, rather than purchasing them with cash or trade-ins.

A poll conducted by reputable research group Gallup indicated that less than one-third of United States citizens actually kept budgets. That same poll suggests those making more than $75,000 annually are at the threshold of budget making behaviors. However, poorer people should be making budgets, rather than one with more money to spend, This is likely to result in more debt and worse overall financial position for American citizens.

Fast Cash Loans For Bad Credit | Quick How To

Fast cash loans are an instant answer for those with bad credit
It can happen to anyone. Suddenly a financial crisis hits. It could be an unanticipated car repair bill that must be paid before the car is returned to you. An expensive utility bill during an extremely cold winter that must be paid in full. A health emergency. Or the rent or mortgage needs to be paid today and the money simply is not there.
Should expenses like these not be met immediately, late fees and interest payments could cause considerable additional expenses, not to speak of additional dings on a credit report.
But there’s a problem. You don’t have the financial resources to meet such expenses and certainly not to meet them immediately. More important, your credit rating is low so it is not possible for you to borrow the money from traditional sources. Yet you need the money as soon as possible. Even today.
Where do you turn?

The answer could be a fast cash loan.

What is a fast cash loan?

A fast cash loan is designed to help you get out of an immediate financial crunch no matter how bad your credit rating might be. It is easy to apply for this short-term loan — also referred to as a cash advance. So much so, that they are typically approved within an hour of the application being made. The loans are generally available in smaller amounts than those available from traditional banks.

Typically, these loans are available for a 14-day term and they can range up to $1,000.

They were originally developed to help those whose credit ratings are low and are unable to qualify for a traditional loan, but who need the funds instantly.

Who can qualify for a fast cash loan?

Applicants usually will not be denied a quick cash loan on the basis of a bad credit report. But other requirements are set by lenders to ensure that the loan will be repaid within the specified time limit.

Among the requirements that are usually imposed by lenders:
• Customers must be over the age of 18.
• They must have a steady income.
• They need an active checking account.
• In addition, most applicants are required to have regular employment and a steady source of income.
The amount of the loan is based on the applicant’s income.
In most cases, the loans are based on the principle that the entire amount of the loan will be paid when the borrower receives the next paycheck, which usually is in two weeks. In some cases, lenders will grant an extension, but the terms of fast cash loans seldom run more than 30 days.
Of course, applicants must agree to the repayment terms or the loan will not be granted.

How does a fast cash loan work?

Once the loan application is approved, a set amount will be made available to the borrower and the funds will be deposited into the applicant’s checking account. As a result, the funds will be available for use immediately.

This means that the rent can be paid on the last day before late fees kick in. Relief has come at the last minute.

Borrowers should be aware, however, that the full amount of the loan will be automatically withdrawn from the borrower’s checking account when the loan falls due. It is vital, therefore, that the borrower ensure that the money is in the account on that day. If it is not, additional bank fees and interest charges will be incurred, resulting in even more problems.

An ideal solution

Although they are generally for a fairly small amount, fast cash loans can make a considerable difference in the lives of those who suffer an unexpected monetary hit. Not only can such a hit be a financial setback, but it can also cause considerable stress and apprehension.

Fast loans can enable borrowers to recover their footing and set themselves back on the road to financial security without suffering additional expenses while doing so. They can be the ideal solution to an unexpected financial event or shortcoming.

Fast Cash Loans Vs Installment Loans Vs Title Loans Vs Lines of Credit for Quick Paydays

Fast Cash Loans Vs Installment Loans Vs Title Loans Vs Lines of Credit for Quick Paydays

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Line Of Credit

You can also apply for a personal loans and personal lines of credit that allows you to borrow funds with your own personal payment plan. While you’ll have to make a minimum payment every billing cycle, you can make your payments quickly to reduce the amount of interest, or you can space out your repayments by paying the minimum amount. To qualify, you must have an active email address and a valid driver’s license, in addition to the other minimum requirements. Faster Cash does not offer fast cash loans for bad credit or lines of credit.